VIBE Audition Time!

Friday, June 22nd

Jazz/Hip Hop CLUB Auditions
3-5 year olds 9:00-10:00
5-8 year olds 10:00-11:30
9-12 year olds 11:30-1:00
13 years & older 2-3:30

Jazz/Hip Hop TOUR Auditions
8-12 year olds 2-4:00
13 years & older 4-6:00

Saturday, June 23rd

Ballroom Auditions
7-12 years old (preteen ballroom age) 9-10:00
12-15 years old (junior ballroom age) 10-11:00
15 years & older (youth ballroom age) 11-12:00
Arrive 30 min. before your scheduled audition time! Please bring a smile & your patience.

*Audition attire:
Jazz/Hip Hop Club Auditions
Anything cute that they can dance in. Hair needs to be all up, pony/bun/pig tails/etc.

Jazz/Hip Hop Tour Auditions
Pink Tights, any color leotard, ballet shoes, black top, black bikers, sweat pants or shorts and tennis shoes.

*Auditions are completely closed, only directors are allowed in the room. You are welcome to wait in Studio 1 for your dancer or return to pick them up at the end of their scheduled time. *The dancers will be taught a routine/combo in the audition and will dance that for the audition. They may also be asked to improve or freestyle.

*Dancers may be asked to come back and audition at another time. The Club auditions are Friday, dancers may be asked to return in the afternoon for Tour auditions. All current Vibe Club company members and ANY dancer auditioning for a Vibe team for the first time MUST audition for Club first!

*Audition results will not be posted until July 10th. Results are final, and you may not call the directors to complain or question their decision.